There are different ways of getting your 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units). There are training programs, which can be expensive, but worth the money, if there are part of your professional development plan. In addition, there are PMI meetings that are less expensive, although more time consuming due to traveling to different events. If the networking is important for your business and personal development, this method should not be avoided. What should you do if your professional development plan does not include trainings that offer PDUs or if your business or job does not allow you to join the PMI meetings as often as you wish?

     Are you in danger of not being able to accumulate the 60PDUs you need for re-certification? Rest assured – that is not the case. There are some free and easy ways of getting your PDUs:
1.       Category 2H – Practitioner of project and/or program management services for more than 1,500 hours in a calendar year. You can claim 5 PDUs per 12 months practicing project management services, and not necessary from a project manager position. Think about the activities you documented on your experience form when you applied for PMP exam.  Bottom of line you can claim 15 PDUs per cycle.
2.       Category 2-SDL – Self-directed learning activities are individualized learning events involving personally conducted research or study. Learning may include informal activities such as discussions or coaching/mentoring sessions with colleagues, coworkers, clients or consultants. It may also include articles, books, instructional manuals, videos, CD-ROMs or other material resources. One thing worth mentioning is that, if you are thinking to claim PDUs for this category as a result of a coaching/mentoring session, you need to have been the person who was coached/mentored and NOT the coach or mentor.  You may claim maximum 15 self-directed learning PDUs per cycle.
3.       Category 3 – You do not have a limit of earnable PDUs in this category. There are many free webinars that offer PDUs. So, let’s start the hunt:
         a. IBM Rational Project and Portfolio Management certification training e-kit – 18 PDUs
         b.International Institute for Learning – 1 PDU per webinar
         c. PMCenters USA – 0.5 PDU per webinar
         d. ESI International – 1 PDU per webinar
         e. AMS Consulting – 1 PDU or 0.5 PDU per webinar

The secret is to plan and follow the plan of getting your PDUs through free webinars. Assuming that you have 15 PDUs from practicing project management (Category 2H) and 15 PDUs from self-directed learning activities (category 2-SDL), what remains to cover is another 30 PDUs from attending free webinars. You can set a checkpoint at every quarter (three months) during your certification cycle of three years and plan for 3 PDUs per quarter. That means more than you need: 36 PDUs from free webinars.

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